Resources Per Capita and Population Control

We live on a finite planet with limited amount of resources. While billions of people all over the world don’t have enough food, water, clean air, land, tree, open space... we continue to give more births. As a result, people labor from dawn to dust having no time to take care of themselves, their family, their neighborhood, and the environment. They’re struggling for life.

In this project, we seek to study the quality of life from a resources point of view. We want to raise everyone’s awareness and action in maintaining a population size that guarantees each person the accessibility to a certain amount of resources per capita to live well. We look to address the following questions, but not limited to:

  • How much resources does each human individual needs to have access to in order to fulfill a good life?
  • How much resources can we extract from the earth for human use? At what rate and what cost? How much resources do we need to reserve for our descendants?
  • What regions on earth are habitable to human and what regions are uninhabitable? How many people shall live in each region?


We’re looking for volunteers to start this project. Contact us if you’re interested in leading the project.