EveryoneToday is a global initiative that cooperates the effort of all individuals to achieve a common goal that humankind has dreamed about: to build a world where everyone has a good life today. It’s a world where everyone has enough resources to take care of self and the surrounding: everyone has enough food today; everyone has enough time for self and family today; everyone has enough time to learn and revise self today; everyone protects the environment today; everyone conserves resources today… By everyone, we don’t mean 7 billion, 4 billion, or 10 billion people. We mean a population size that guarantees each person the accessibility to a certain amount of resources per capita to fulfill a good life.

An open-source organization

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EveryoneToday is owned and operated by all human individuals on earth. There is no founder, no CEO, no chairman. The world is built by all people on earth and it's not a beautiful place if some have a good life while others don't. All people who participate in, work for, volunteer with, or donate to EveryoneToday are called by a common title: partner. Our projects are opened to anyone who wants to participate. In addition, we invite people to bring their projects into EveryoneToday and join force with us.

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